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Special Stencils, Designed & Made in the UK

We designed our new self-adhesive vinyl stencils to be practical, easy to use, washable, reusable, flexible, long lasting, inspiring, great value and – above all – beautiful.

With high and low adhesive options, our stencils are so easy to use - and they will last a long time with care.

Designed in the UK, Made in the UK

When we launched Arabesque Stencils in 2020, it was because we couldn't find high quality reusable self-adhesive stencils in the UK.

We tested so many - from right around the world - and we began importing the very best ones.


Can you believe, our two main suppliers were from... Russia and Ukraine. Just a year after starting up, our suppliers were pretty much gone.

So, we got to work. We committed to designing and producing our own stencils. We researched materials, invested in cutting machines and software - and we now design and make our stencils here in South Yorkshire.

And guess what? We've also been able to increase the quality, and add fantastic new features to make your creative crafting easier and more enjoyable.

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Quality, performance, value

Our decision to design and produce our own stencils has resulted in not just one range, but two!

Pink – high adhesive
Our most sticky stencil, for strong surfaces
such as glass, tile, mirror, wood, furniture,
ceramic, and fabric

Blue – low adhesive
A less sticky option for more delicate
surfaces such as card making, fragile finishes,
easier layering – or if you just prefer it!

Our stencils have unique benefits too:

  • an oversized backing sheet

    • extra space, combined with rounded stencil corners makes it easy to remove and replace

  • completely waterproof

    • a big problem with paper-based backing sheets is that they get damaged by water – ours won’t

  • translucent vinyl

    • makes it easy to see where the adhesive isn’t pressed down properly, and also helps with positioning

  • extra thick and strong

    • great for texture pastes and gels, while also resisting tearing and stretching for a long life

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