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1. Reusable

Our custom stencils are made from a high-quality silicone-coated material that is tough, easy to clean and can be re-used many times. This brewery used our custom stencils to decorate glasses and bottles with their compass logo!


2. Flexible

Our custom stencils are also flexible enough to apply to a wide range of surfaces, flat, round, or curved. This lotus flower stencil design was created for a special LED light bottle to be used during meditations.


2. Self-adhesive

The extra-special ingredient! The powerful self-adhesive is strong yet temporary and reusable. This means clean lines and no paint bleeding. Simply rinse under warm water, allow to dry, and the self-adhesive is ready to go again.

Custom Stencils

Simply provide your contact details below, and we'll be in touch by email to start discussing your ideas.

There's no obligation, we just want to explore your options and find the best solution for you - read on below for lots more detail on how we work with you to create your very own custom stencil...

Thank you, we'll be in touch soon!

Creating your custom stencils

Custom stencils are a fantastic option to make sure you get exactly the design you want, in exactly the size you need.



You must:

  • own the copyright to your chosen stencil design;

  • or have written permission from the copyright owner to use the stencil design;

  • or provide proof that your stencil design is otherwise licensed for your use (e.g., under Creative Commons with permission to modify).


Your best first step?

Simply drop us a line via the contact form above to start chatting through your ideas - we don't charge for exploring your options!

Quality through and through

Our custom-made stencils are washable and reusable many times. We cut them from a specially-selected high quality vinyl using an industrial-standard machine and software.


The stencils have a long-lasting self-adhesive layer on one side, and a strong waterproof plastic backing sheet. Using and caring for your custom stencil is exactly the same as our pre-cut stencils. You can read more about how to use self-adhesive stencils here.


The minimum order is just one custom stencil. The maximum area that we can cut is 60cm wide by many metres long.

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