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Stencil and stencil brushes

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A Three-Part Border Stencil With Different Designs, Including Musical Notes and Flowers - Self-Adhesive Stencil - Reusable, Flexible, Washable ('Emotion & Romance' No. 340 Stencil)

Fun Borders #3 Stencil (Emotion & Romance No. 340)

SKU: GPT50045997

Buy ANY 7 items, save 15%

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  • Brand

    ROSA Talent
  • Series

    Home & Garden
  • Dimensions

  • Keywords

    border, edge, frame, garland, curb, music, notes, birds, symphony, flowers, leaves, petals, animal
  • Material

    Vinyl; Silicone; Reusable Self-Adhesive
  • Shipping

    FREE to UK addresses
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